Why Is YouTube More Revealing?

OC Digital YoutubeSo you want to use YouTube as a social media and marketing platform? What comes next?

You need to know why YouTube is such an effective tool for what you’re doing.

1. YouTube connects on a level text cannot: YouTube is an easy tool because you are giving the viewer a face to go with the words, you are opening your viewer up to the emotion, the tone of voice, the professionalism. YouTube puts a certain charm that no matter how it advances, text cannot.

2. You are showing them: You ever heard the phrase, “When I see it, I’ll believe it?” This is very applicable in the YouTube sphere. While you can reach new audiences and connect with them the proof is in the pudding, or rather the video. Your main point is that you can use visual devices apart from pictures, in real time to display things to you audience that nothing else can.

3. A picture says a thousand words, a video says a million: Your video is what sets the tone for the viewer. You can make it sad, or uplifting, comedic, etc. You control what your viewer sees. With text you don’t get that revealing, opening feeling. You are left to interpret so many things for yourself. You might take something in a completely different way than someone else. YouTube still has it’s own interpretation but it is less dry and more flavorful.

4. YouTube is less restricting: Sure you may have certain restrictions, like you can’t use copyrighted materials to convey your actions, but you are able to speak without limit. You have more than 6 seconds, unlike Vine, you have more than 140 characters unlike Twitter and you have more than just your family and friends viewing, unlike Facebook. Your video on YouTube is a wider-reaching tool for conveying a message.

5. EMOTION: You are conveying emotions in video that people around the world can understand. We as humans want to connect to a video to see what it feels like to step outside of ourselves for a short period of time and be wrapped up in a story. You can paint your picture, tell your story and get a reaction out of your audience. This is also one of the more arguable methods to madness. Emotion is one of the biggest selling marketing tools on the market. It is also easy to do because people want to feel something so bad sometimes they will develop feelings for characters that don’t even exist.

YouTube is a platform that is growing and reaching places you, as a business cannot. YouTube does the footwork for you while you do the planning for your video. YouTube is such an easy tool to use that every business in the marketing world knows how to use it to their advantage. People use YouTube because it does something other social media cannot. It conveys unrestricted, lengthy emotional messages that other social media do not.

By William Gray
Source: AllThingsHD

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