Why Businesses Use the YouTube Ecosystem?

OC Digital Studio YoutubeIt is important to consider using YouTube as a platform when uploading videos simply because YouTube is one of the most well known video databases in the entire world. However, in addition to being well known there are a lot more reason behind YouTube:

1. Fifty-six countries post content to YouTube using Sixty-One different languages. People around the world search for various reasons, whether for how to guides, or comedic relief; YouTube has a vast library available anyone’s personal use. Most people no longer look for an article but instead substitute videos, which can be watched while multitasking. Videos do not require as much effort as say, a newspaper article for example.

2. This ranks YouTube as the second-largest search engine behind Google. People use Google for a wide arrange of apps, such as Gmail, Google Maps, Images, etc. But clients will use YouTube for a faster way of solving their problem, which is why YouTube is quickly growing as an independent search engine.

3. More content is uploaded to YouTube in sixty days than all 3 majors US Networks generated in the past sixty years. Generally speaking that’s one hundred hours of video uploaded every minute for your viewing pleasure. People will post their personal thoughts, short films, student projects and various other videos to YouTube for faster traffic to and from their websites and social media. YouTube is lightning fast and provides an easy-to-use upload function.

4. YouTube receives over one billion unique visitors a day, that’s a lot of viewers from around the globe viewing millions of videos a day. If the creators are even luckier though those viewers will turn into subscribers who interact with them repeatedly over the course of their YouTube careers. Which brings us to another point: YouTube pays people to create content. YouTube will allow users to monetize videos to help make quick cash. Using YouTube you will be able to allow advertisers to post ads to your videos from which you will receive revenue based on clicks and views.

5. Not to mention, that 17% of all Internet traffic flows through YouTube. That’s a percentage of the entire Internet. That’s right, which means the entire, vast reaches of the Internet will be coming through YouTube at some point throughout surfing the web. This means that if you upload to YouTube your videos are bound to receive a decent quota of that 17%.

6. Speaking of views, one billion daily views come via mobile devices. That means that people are frequently using their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to view your videos. If you had not done the math before, that’s a lot of views through such tiny gadget. 25% of all views are from mobile devices. Which means that a lot of people are watching videos while on the go.

7. Also six billion hours of video are watched monthly. Think about how many hours are in a month, alone you would only be able to watch seven hundred and twenty hours of content without sleep or breaks (which wouldn’t be a problem seeing as how you can watch videos on mobile devices and take them with you). YouTube is also being accessed from hundred of millions of devices.

8. YouTube is also partnered with Google and receives unique search features using Ad Words and Keywords. If you choose to tag videos, you are more likely to end up on results from a number of different search engines. Tagging on YouTube is important to assess where the videos can be found, while linking to other social media is also an important part of the process.

9. Linking Social Media through videos on YouTube you will be able to bounce traffic to where you want. Without the use of Social Media, users will get bored and look for more information to no avail. Using Social Media you can engage and interact with your audience and keep them coming back for more content each time you post.

10. Social media is also extremely easy to manage and use. Technology today allows us to update our social media no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Tools like Instagram can allow users to live vicariously through our eyes; Twitter can instantly send a thought into the bubble of the Internet; Facebook can instantly connect you with family and friends. Social media is key to any growing business. YouTube is just another product to add to the list of powerful social media tools.

Video is an important tool for business but YouTube is the key to unlocking that tool. YouTube is a massive database of billions of videos that are watched by the entire world. You almost have to know what YouTube is and how it works in order to market in today’s society. YouTube is interactive, creative, easy and unique.

Check back for more in-depth articles about how YouTube can save you time and effort.

By William Gray
Source: Pixability

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