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OC Digital NetworkYouTube is listed by the top 100 brands as a critical part of their marketing and business plans. The best of these companies are moving from television airtime to creating their own unique channels on YouTube and interacting, engaging and building their audiences.


Interacting is important for social media users to feel like they matter. In order for you to gain users you need to first interact with your audience. A silent audience is a useless audience. While you will get occasional views out of random interest, you will not receive the full package an interactive user provides.

An interactive viewer will provide you with a number of helpful suggestions. Interactive users will also be able to share content with their audiences. Sharing is one of the most successful ad-campaigns that big businesses can run. If you share a video your audience is going to see that video and they are going to be able to share it with their audiences, so on and so forth. In the end you build an interactive web of audience members that will keep coming back to you to feel important.

Audiences will also want to feel as though their opinions matter. The best platforms for businesses involve talking to customers, taking surveys, and most important listening to what users want. If users suggest something, even remotely helpful, putting it to use is in your best interest. Though it may be something small, the user will see that his or her suggestion was used and keep interacting with you based on the mutual-relationship you have built.

Audiences will also be able to reach a deeper connection with their own audiences. If you share a video with a celebrity for example and they share the video to their audience you are pooling through not just your own audience crowd but you are interactively expanding your audience to peoples. This will help you build and engage your audiences when the time presents itself.


Engaging is also important for social media users to feel interested in your content. Once you have a user engaged in what you’re saying they will be able to interact with them. If you don’t engage your viewer with anything interesting the chances of them becoming a regular interactive viewer are low.

However, engaging users can also work the opposite way. If you don’t engage a user they are more than likely to interact with your video in a negative way, by leaving a bad comment or feedback to which you will be able to learn from and choose to grow from or ignore. Ignoring users feedback is an option you should never utitilize.

If someone is genuinely not engaged in your content you should use their feedback to help your business flourish. Using content feedback is an important part of engaging your user, as well are interacting with users. If you don’t do utilize either of these components you are passing up some very important business tools.

Engaging users also ties closely together with interacting. Find out what your audience likes, find out how to incorporate this into your business plan and put it into effect in your future endeavors. If your viewers feel as though they are being heard they will be more engaged and aware of the content you are producing and they will be more likely to suggest things for your to change in order to further engage them.

Building Your Audience

A wise conference-speaker once told me, “you cannot CREATE an audience, you can only build one.” This means you cannot simply go out and post a video and expect people to just stumble across it and become a regular viewer. A large percentage of your views when you are first getting started will come from your personal inner circles.

You family and friends want to help you, so ask them to help you. On YouTube and other social media it is also important to engage and interact with other people because then you end up becoming a part of their community and a sense of community will entitle someone to help you in return. It is called cross promoting, in which two people share each other’s content with one another and promote them to their viewers. Cross Promotion is a very big deal on YouTube.

YouTube users will continually volunteer their services to people they know so they can be in their videos, promote each other’s videos all the while building their audience. Your first business steps should be to reach out to people you already know, people that you have ties to, people who want to help you. From there you will be able to use these people to help build your audiences.

Once you have an audience you need to make sure that you are using their skills to help better your business. In the beginning interact with all of your users even the silly ones who are just dropping a nice comment to say thank you. You need to make sure you are engaging, interacting and building an audience who will constantly respond to your in a positive or negative way, depending on how much business growth you need.

YouTube is an important process to learn in order to market to people. YouTube videos are one of the most influential ways to reach out to an audience and YouTube wants to help you do this. Whenever you post a YouTube video you are reaching out to people, these people will be engaged, they will be interactive and they will become your audience.

By William Gray
Source: Pixability

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