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OC Digital Online Presence“Since YouTube’s launch, the Top 100 Global Brands have published a total of 258,000 videos across 1,378 YouTube channels, attracting over 9.5 billion total views.” Brands have invested billions of dollars into marketing on YouTube, and why you may ask: it’s because YouTube is a powerful tool and big business recognizes this.

The Top 100 Global Brands upload videos geared towards making their audiences feel as though they are closer than they actually may be. The brands take their content from TV and put them into YouTube channels from which people will stumble across them and find they have a closer tie to these companies than they might have originally thought.

These brands care about their users because they know the users have the powers to make or break their companies. If these brands do not reach out to users on YouTube they are missing a huge piece of interactivity that cannot be found anywhere else. Reaching to home audiences through cable is another matter.

Cable pay per view feels to audiences to be mindless advertising, whereas YouTube advertising is interactive and unique. People feel more personalized because the ad is specific to them or their area and it reaches out to them and makes them feel like a valued customer.

Let’s think of a situation. Say you order something online; you get a package three days later. Now say instead of ordering online you spend the time to go the store and inspect various types of one product until you find one you like, you take it home and find that you love this object.

In the first situation you are unhappy because it doesn’t feel personalize, it feels like a mindless activity, this is just like how cable viewers feel about pay per view programming; the advertisements are not unique to them.

However, in the second situation you got to interact with the store employees, you got to get exactly what you wanted and you were satisfied. This is how online advertisers on YouTube make you feel. You do not feel like it is mindless advertising because these ads are being uniquely programmed to speak to you.

Advertisers use these to appeal to their users in more than one way. These advertisers also link to their YouTube pages for further interactivity. “Since 2009, video publishing rates on YouTube by the Top 100 Global Brands have increased an average of 73% annually. By 2015, they will likely invest in the production and distribution of over one million new YouTube videos.”

It is apparent after reading this that the top brands found the most results through using YouTube Channels to reach out to their audiences. Having a presence on YouTube provides your business with a lot of inertia to move forward and campaign with. If you are lucky you are able to reach out and hear from your audience, receive views and engage your viewers. They are the best types of audiences to campaign to and these brands know it.

“Only 1 of the Top 100 Global Brands does not have a YouTube channel.” This means that 99 of the top global brands have a YouTube account. Go on YouTube right now and type in your favorite clothing brand, I guarantee you something will pop up. The statistics do not lie.

“56 of the Top 100 Global Brands have 10 or more YouTube channels.” Having at least one video will put you at an edge over your competition. What YouTube has done is allow you to add a campaign video to your channel that will explain everything there is to know about your business and how you are willing to interact with users. Most companies put their most recent business campaign videos in this spot because it is the first thing they see when landing on a brand’s YouTube page.

“Many of the Top 100 Global Brands fail to reach their audiences because they focus more on video production and less on video marketing. Over 50% of the videos produced by the Top 100 Global Brands have less than 1,000 views.” To explain, most of the time brands will focus on the way something looks instead of what the video is saying. Videos can say a lot in a short amount of time but a lot of brands miss their opportunity to say something that will engage a user. Sure they can put together something visually beautiful but the message is what engages a user.

“YouTube has longer lasting marketing impact than social media for the Top 100 Global Brands. Over 30% of the total aggregate video views occur 12 weeks after publication.” This time period is a huge gap of time for people to stumble across videos and see what the company has going on. You can put out a commercial but videos on YouTube will go viral and be shared across the Internet and reach a wider ranger of audiences.

The Top 100 Brands have the right idea but the wrong approach. Using their mistakes to your advantage can put your and your businesses above the rest of the market. You can curve your viewers and allow them to feel as though you are speaking directly to them, you can also engage, interact and build you audience using these helpful tools.

By William Gray
Source: Pixability

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