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State Of The Art Video Production Studio In Orange County

OC Digital studio is an Orange County based production studio dedicated to providing professional resources at an affordable price. OC Digital Studio was founded specifically for Orange County businesses, so they don’t have to make the long drive to LA and spend even more money making the product. OC Digital Studio is proud to offer […]

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5 Tips for Marketing a Small Video Using Video

1. Going Beyong the Brand Small businesses and companies should provide a video or a series that include their branding. This should be something that the consumer is interested in. By doing this your videos help to back up your claims and make your company mo...

Can a video really help you sell more of your stuff?

Yes! Assuming it’s done right. Below is a list of SEVEN eye-opening, thought-provoking statistics that make a an overwhelmingly convincing case for the power of online video to market and sell your products online. The Seven Statistics include… 90 % of use...