Utilizing Keywords on YouTube

YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

Utilizing keywords and SEO search optimization is a proven way to make research easy for users when accessing YouTube. One of the main reasons for this is to improve your YouTube Analytics.

According to Greg Jarboe and Tim Schmoyer, there are 5 keyword research tool that you can utilize for the purpose of SEO.

  1. Google Related Searches- these are at the bottom page of any Google Search and you will easily find them
  2. Keywordtool.io- keyword suggestions
  3. Wikipedia- use an incognito or private browsing window so your stored Google data won’t influence your search query
  4. Ubersuggest.org- keyword suggestions
  5. MetaGlossary.com- keyword definitions and related terms

Where to use Keywords on YouTube

According to Dane Golden, there are various places where you would find YouTube Keywords of great help. You will get great attention on using these words in graphics / video or annotations within your SEO. Some of the place that you can click include:

  • Social media posts that link to YouTube
  • Graphics in video
  • Playlist description
  • Content or script
  • Annotations and websites
  • Channel icon
  • Comments field
  • Play List Titles
  • Channel Name
  • Titles and Tags
  • Thumbnails
  • YouTube hashtags
  • Custom Bitlylinksy

The use of the above and many other others will give you a sound foundation of what you are searching for. The search of keywords by these will be very helpful to you and your website.

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