Using LinkedIn to Market your Business

Beefing up your LinkedIn profile for your small business.

Status Updates: By finding important and relevant “status updates” you are keeping your connections informed and updated. You can also include links to related content to your website or third-party websites. You should be posting useful and actionable status updates daily.

Presentations: If you decide to make a powerpoint or presentation you are able to connect it to your LinkedIn account for all of your followers to see.

Events: If you are speaking or presenting at any event post a status about update the time, date and location to keep your followers connected and updated about your activities. You are able to promote and generate interest in your profile.

Tweets: If you have a Twitter account connect it to your LinkedIn account so that when you post on Twitter it will add activity to their feed. This keeps your connections interested and informed.

Recommendations: LinkedIn makes it easy for you to request recommendations from your connections. By having a collection of recommendations that underscore your expertise and experience will significantly enhance your profile.

Polls: There are LinkedIn polls that allow you to do market research to collect data from your connections and professional audience on LinkedIn.

These are just a few of the many ways you are able to beef up and improve your business profile on LinkedIn.

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