Understanding what “Watch Time” is

Defining what Watch Time is and what Watch Time is NOT

If you are fond of YouTube like it is with majority of people, you may have heard about Watch Time, which is one of the key ranking factors used to gauge the popularity of any video uploaded. However, there are other strategies that must be considered to increase escalation and its value to the viewers. You could simply think of working on the various characteristics of the video as well as the channels leading to the actual opening of the video. Let’s analyse what Watch Time is and what Watch Time is NOT.

The amount of time the viewer is engaged watching the video on YouTube is basically what is referred to as the Watch Time. As such, it is necessary that you optimize your SEO so as to create interest to your viewers and increase the time they spend on that video. Contrarily to this, Watch Time is not the measure of a percentage of how long your video is watched since it requires much more effort and strategizing. You cannot claim to be highly ranked because you stretched the watching of the video from 30seconds to 20minutes. The big question is how long did the viewer stick around and did the viewer engage in the content before exiting from the site?

When you are talking about Watch Time, there are two key factors that you should give preference to. How long was the audience retained on the video? How much time was spent? If you realize that the audience took all their time on the video, it is a sign that it has the ability to hold the viewers. Audience retention is what makes any YouTube video grow and be ranked by Google as being of worth to watch. Google is also keen to establish if after watching there were any comments or reports from the viewer. How engaged was the viewer? This is also considered as a measure of retention.

On the other hand, it is YouTube’s goal to keep the viewers satisfied with the uploaded videos. Thus it is more interested in the individual’s session on any video and that is what counts on its algorithm. So with all said and done Watch Time is NOT likely to be measured with how much of your video was watched but the best measure would be the contribution the video played to the viewers over all watching time. It does not do any good to your video if the viewer will search on it but immediately bail out to look out for another search for lack of content. The Watch Time of your video will always suffer. It’s all upon to you to be able to influence your viewers so make sure that the videos you upload in YouTube have great contents, well researched and if there any updates to be done, let them be done as soon as they occur. This will make the viewer want to go back to check for anything new from what he/she viewed last.

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