Some Unusual Tips for Using Social Media

Here are 7 unconventional ways to utilize social media for your business.

1. Try creating a custom-formatted tweets.

By doing this you are able to capture the reader’s attention and keep them focused on your tweets.

2. Try lengthening your posts.

Even though Twitter will not allow for more than 140-characters, but other media outlets such as Google Plus and Facebook allow for longer posts and more interaction.

3. Build Facebook Groups.

By creating a Facebook page you are allowing members and subscribers to interact and keep in touch with the group. Followers are also able to receive direct notifications and updates.

4. Market across many social platforms.

By first reaching your audience by one social platform try then encouraging them to follow and join other media outlets that allow for more interaction. By then sharing of every media outlet your company will always be updating and reminding the followers of your presence.

5. Be a little weird.

Instead of playing it safe try to think outside the box and take some risks that just may entice your audience to take action. It may cause them to admire your company’s guts and give them a good laugh and smile.

6. Stand by your actions.

The best companies take action without regret or a second thought. By doing this you are representing you company as honest and reasonable. It can help gain massive social-media support and clients.

7. Put a positive spin on things.

Try saying something positive and uplifting when issues come about. Social-media user are more likely to follow and respond to your company if you are sharing happy and uplifting updates.

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