So you now have a YouTube account, but how do you utilize it?

What are the effective ways to promote your YouTube channel?

Consistency and persistence are the key factors to a successful YouTube channel. If you just expect it to do well then you will be sadly disappointed. There are many ways to help keep you on track and motivated to make your channel a success.

Email Marketing

Even though email may seem like a tactic in the past it is still proven to be successful at reaching your audience. In this case you would utilize email by contacting your subscribers and keep them updated and interested in your latest upload.

Starting a Podcast

Starting a podcast is a create way to keep followers and potential subscribers involved with your YouTube channel and company in general. People are now able to listen to exciting content on the go without having to concentrate on one image.

Google Plus Community

A Google Plus page is a get way to give exposure to your YouTube account and interact with your follows. You are allowing subscribers to interact with your channel and talk about any questions, feelings, or concerns they may have with your channel. This way you are also opening a discussion forums allowing users to feel involved and heard.

Speak at Events or Meetings

Being able to expose your YouTube channel and expertise in person is a great outlet to gain follows. Also, by speaking in public you become more credible and trustworthy to the public.

Some Additional Marketing Ideas

There are many additional ways to get in touch with your follower such as contests, sticker marketing, word of mouth, and simply interacting with your audience. By following these few simple promotional tactics your YouTube channel is bound to increase in popularity and success.

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