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With our digital equipment and our crew’s creative skills we can make a set design for you that stand out as a production that is a “Professional Video”. We have so many options and customizations its limited only by your imagination. Would you like an interview with remote guests, no problem, we can handle that too.

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Our Orange County Studio is fully decked out with the latest camera, lighting and sound equipment to make your production look extraordinary. No need for a producer or inconvenient video equipment rentals. We make the magic happen at OC Digital Studio. Check out our Video Productions.
Sennheiser Wireless Mics
When filming, audio is half the battle. With our 12 channel audio mixer, we can promise quality sound that can’t be matched.
Sony PMW EX-3
HD Video is the most important quality for online content. Using full Sony HD cameras we shoot at the perfect resolution for every format.
Libec Tripod with fluid head
We have all of the latest and greatest gear to create a final cut that puts you ahead of the crowd.
Cyclorama 16x16x16x9
Everything we do is made specifically for you. There is no generic process that applies to everyone. We recognize what you want and we deliver. It’s magic!
We reach out to get the best production from you or your talent. Be a broadcaster with our muti-camera mounted teleprompter screens. We won’t be satisfied until you are happy with your product.
TriCaster 460 HD Streaming
OC Digital Studio staff doesn’t just put together a video, we use our skills to film a work of art you can use to promote your business and stand out. You will be amazed at the digital technology transformations.


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Virtual Sets

City Loft

This is a standing set that offers full body and medium shots with one...

Blue Studio

This is a 180-degree set that offers standing and sitting options. To...

Climbing On Up

This is a sitting, free angle set with a monitor that can be taken out...

Waterfront Office

This is one of our favorite seated sets with tranquil waters and a cit...

Sky Box

This is a standing set that can be customized to fit any sport. The st...

Color Splash

This sitting set offers a left, right, and center view with a splash o...



In an era where the cutting edge of technology is constantly being redefined, OC Digital a Video Production Studio in Orange County is committed to staying at the forefront of everything that is possible, technically and creatively.

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Due to our relationships with our manufacturers we have unprecedented access to lower pricing, availability, and support. We offer our solutions as part of a complete turnkey integration for your studio needs. To Read more about our integration services, click here. To get a quote, please contact us.

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Orange County Video Production Studio produces projects for PR firms, non-profits, and clients in technology, finance, fashion, transportation, health care, consumer services, and more.

Video Production


Whether it’s a video for public relations, training, internal communications, sales and marketing, you can count on us for a strategic full-service creative and production services, choose the right video production packages that suite your needs

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In-house creative services team, and track record of unparalleled client satisfaction.

Orange County Digital Video Production

About Us

Solving the problem of creating a quality video product was the impetus and became our mission so we set out to build a video studio with a cyclorama capability combined with the latest in equipment for video production in Orange County.  Voila, as we created the environment to showcase a product or service commercial and we were able to make magic happen with our Tricaster technology.  The Tricaster allows us to create stunning virtual sets and backdrops from TV shows to commercial product rollouts.  Our green screen studio has 3 walls upon which we can set a backdrop of a huge studio space placing you in a TV news broadcaster set which really delivers large scale perspective with our digital sets.

With our Green Screen Studio, Our Sony Digital cameras, combined with talent prompters, wireless mics and our lighting all set the stage for a professional video production. We have an in-house crew which means that you only need to come with your talent, script and your graphics and leave the production to us. You don’t need to rent equipment or find a crew, we provide it all in one convenient Orange County Location. We can help you promote your business or service and provide you with better ways to reach your clients and customers and impress them with your professional video production.

Why wait to make magic happen?  No need to drive to Los Angeles when we are conveniently located in South Orange County, CA.  Professional video studio production with more affordable prices!


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Our Team

Avi Chalid CEO of OC Digital Studio
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Arna Freedman Vice President of Marketing
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Chad Brandom Producer
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Kyle Patterson Studio Manager | Chief Editor
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Debra Johnson Make Up Artist
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William Gray Writer
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Pamela Chamberlain Marketing & Social Media Editor
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Alec Newboles Floor Director
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Joemel Garcia Webmaster
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Rie Downdalls Animation & Multimedia
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Claudia Soto Social Media Intern
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