Optimizing Watchtime for Your YouTube Videos

How to Optimize YouTube Watch Time from Your Viewers

There seems to be a lack of engaging content in YouTube videos according to many YouTube viewers. Videos with great content have obviously shown higher viewing rates and followers. Here are some tips to make sure your video is serving its main purpose.

  1. Choosing your thumbnail and video title are very important factors. The first impression you give your video viewer sets the rest of the tone. It gives them a highlight of what to expect. Be accurate and descriptive as possible to avoid any misleading information.
  2. Try to make your video as interactive as possible by asking them to leave comments and questions below.
  3. Create a playlist for your viewers so they can easily follow your videos and automatically entice them to continue watching.
  4. Quality not quantity is the key element to engaging your viewers. If the content is entertaining and engaging viewers will be more inclined to continue watching.
  5. Being consistent with new content will help bring up viewing numbers. If you are consistent with uploading great videos you will gain a loyal following.
  6. Using annotations is a great way for viewers to get involved and engaged.
  7. Lastly, connecting and participating with your subscribers and viewers show you value their opinion and the fact they are loyal with your videos.

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