How to Use LinkedIn for Finding Prospects

Make Your Profile Easy to Find

Try optimizing your profile by using key words potential clients might use when trying to seek out a product or company. Use these keywords in the Title and Summary within your profile. You will only show up in the search result of people who are in your network. It is important to have a larger LinkedIn network in order to receive more traffic. Keep in mind you are limited to 3,000 connections.

Create Strategic Alliances

You can do this by networking and building business relationships with fellow peers in the industry. Try finding professionals who have the same target market as you do. Consider fostering a relationship to generate referrals for each of you. Make sure the connections you make are worth your time and are a credible connection.

Search for Opportunities

You are able to focus on the specific prospects you want for your business. Try joining LinkedIn groups in order to network with a wider audience. There is a “advanced search” to find prospects. You are able to filter by relationships, groups, locations and industry.

Build the Relationship

When the connection is made develop a relationship through a sustained connection. Offer your prospect something of value in the form of a helpful article, Ebook, etc. Ensure it is clear in its value and not being dismissed for spam. You can send a follow-up messages or reminders using the LinkedIn Contacts feature.


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