How to Optimize Your Videos for Mobile Devices

Optimizing your Videos for Mobile Devices It has been said that by 2016 and as a result of the growth of mobile video consumption, almost 50% of video views shall be done through a mobile device. As such, the video creators and marketers ought to go out of their way to optimize their videos and create a great presentation for their viewers. Various components are essential that includes the following:

  • Encoding of Videos that will work on mobile devices is the way to go and of course those that will work on tablets and smartphones. You are at liberty to either use the short–form video or the long–form one. For short–form video, you will be required to use an MP4 file while in long–form video, you shall use Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming. Through this, you will basically be able to adjust the quality of videos you are streaming. You will be able to stream longer videos into the mobile devices. This makes it possible for you to even watch Netflix movies right from your mobile device. It is even greater when you cast it on a bigger screen.
  • Every website creator should understand the importance of having a responsive design and more so if you are having your own website where you are hosting videos. For mobile viewers, you need to have unique pages where your pages will land to get a full value of the player. To do this, videos should be more in a trimmed-down version. How is a page said to be responsive? If it remains consistent regardless of how the viewer gets trace of it. It should not be a problem to the viewer if it is through a laptop or a desktop; what important is that there is full viewing of the intended website. On the other hand, if the viewer chooses to access it via a tablet or a smartphone, it should still be possible to stream and view the content from a bigger screen. This is all what is being defined as a responsive web design.
  • Call to Actions (CTA’s) – if well implemented and used, it will do magic for you. Ensure that the CTA’s you are intending to have on your video landing pages are user friendly for the mobile user. To capture the attention of your viewers, the secret is to use big icons that are easily noticeable and can be clicked on very fast. Regardless of having awesome videos that are being streamed in the accurate and precise set-up, you will easily lose out on prospective and growing conversations if the CTA’s you are using are so tiny and not being noticed easily.

The way to go is to have and implement best practices that will entice your viewers to watching your videos and which will keep them glued on the screen. And how do you achieve this? Have content, build on it, up to date and make sure that your videos are ahead all the time. You will be surprised by the attention the videos receive. OC Digital Studio can help you with all of your professional videos in our green screen cyclorama to MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN.

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