How to Create Engagement with your YouTube Videos

Audience Retention and Engagement with your YouTube Videos

Everyone desires to have the most relevant results from a search carried out either on Google or even on YouTube. More often than not, every minute has several download and uploads and will be ranked categorically with the use of various metrics and signals. For YouTube streaming, the most considered factor that is taken into account is the “Watch Time”, which describes as the length of time a viewer is glued to the screen. Hence, it is important for you to know that you must create and upload interesting content that will capture the viewer’s attention for the longest time possible.  Long are the days when you would upload videos with spicy titles with an intention of increasing clicks from video watchers. While this could see a large number of people clicking on the video, not many people would stay on it for long due to dissatisfaction.

YouTube does not only look up to the number of times a video has been clicked or viewed because view count can be manipulated and abused. Good quality video content alone does magic because it makes the viewer stay much longer time watching the video. The period of time a viewer stays watching the video is a more enhance measure of satisfaction by a viewer. Simple statistics about YouTube is that they must get the best of the viewer’s interest since they are in the advertising business; hence, they will do anything to capture loads of viewers. It is for this practical reason that Google found it necessary to reward any video that got the highest percentage of viewers while not compromising on how long the viewers stayed watching that particular video. Any video that has the longest watch time receives a reward.

More often than not many YouTube viewers will not want to be taken for granted. Hence, if the video does not present conceptual content within the first 15 seconds of opening it, it is likely that the viewer will click on next. So the question you should ask yourself before uploading any video is, how engaging is it going to be to the viewer? No viewer will tolerate loose content or long introductions that at times do not connect with the branding. As you upload any video what you should target is the retention of the audience, engagement of the audience, report and comments of views of which these should be some of the analytical measures that you should use to gauge how the video has been received.

The report and comments will give you a highlight of how satisfied or dissatisfied the video was. They will also reflect how much watch time each particular viewer took. How long the audience stayed on the video describes the retention report. If you discover that viewers are closing the video shortly after opening, then they are not satisfied with the content uploaded hence they move on to the next. Make sure you have magical content, well optimized and you will see how you will get positive feedback and results.

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