How to Build and Retain your Videos

Simple Ways to Build and Retain your Videos

When uploading videos to YouTube you hope that it will receive lots of attention and responses. This is not the best way to ensure you are enhancing your brand effectively. You must strategize to make sure you videos are being streamed back to your channel and make your presence known on YouTube. The key is to make yourself standout from the rest of the crowd. Here are some of the strategies and ideas to help make your presence and brand more prominent and better content on the video.

  1. Utilizing a logo for your brand is very important. It is significant to creating your presence and dictating how you shall be recognized. Try to make this as unique and different as possible. It gives the audience a first impression of your brand so make it good.
  2. How you introduce your brand to potential subscribers plays a vital role in gaining a quick following. A channel trailer is a great way to integrate yourself within the community. It should get straight to the point and let your audience know what you are all about. Try to convince how your channel and videos will offer new and interesting material that will keep them interested.
  3. Giving a call to action when interacting with your subscribers and listeners. Giving them the opportunity to get more involved within your brand and company is a great way to gain a larger following. Some example include subscribing to your channel, email list, look at the website, etc.
  4. Links are a great way to link people back to your channel encouraging a larger viewing. Back-linking and referencing to your channel as much as possible should be utilized.
  5. Lastly, using hashtags is a great way to reference your channel through a plethora of social media outlets. It is an easy and fun way for followers to be referenced back to your brand and channel.

The secret is consistency and reliability for your subscribers and viewers. The more your channel is relevant and referenced back to you the more traffic you will receive. Good luck!

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