Habits to break when using Twitter?

Twitter has become a very utilized and popular resource for companies that are trying to promote their products or services. Even though this tool is very useful there might be habits or practices that business use that in fact hinder its full potential. There is a smart way to gain more followers and utilize this social media tool to your advantage. Here are six habits you should avoid when tweeting. Number one is to tweet during an appropriate time. Who is going to follow you when they are sleeping? The second bad habit is not including hashtags. Hashtags are essential to connecting with other users and linking with relent information. Just make sure to keep the hashtags to a minimum. The third reason is you are lazy with the profile display. The attractiveness to a user’s page is considered the first impression to the viewer. Who would be impressed with a boring profile page? Forth reason is your tweets are too lengthy. People will spend minimum time reading tweets that are long and wordy. Create a sentence with substance and information that followers would be interested in. The fifth bad tweeting habit is posting too much too often. When a company posts something it should be relevant and interesting. It is not smart to tweet useless information and material constantly that will not receive any attention. The last bad practice to evade is not interacting with your followers. If your audience is connecting and responding to the information being put out there it is only polite and responsible to respond. You want your followers to feel connected to and cared about when they take the time to post back. And it gives you a chance to prove your loyalty. If many of these habits are broken it will only increase your chances of getting followers and traffic on your profile. Good luck!

Source: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/09/05/12-mistakes-you-shouldnt-make-on-twitter-if-you-want-more-followers/#LkIYjmCyoCTWjjg1.99

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