Can a video really help you sell more of your stuff?

Yes! Assuming it’s done right.

Below is a list of SEVEN eye-opening, thought-provoking statistics that make a an overwhelmingly convincing case for the power of online video to market and sell your products online.

The Seven Statistics include…

  1. 90 % of users say “SEEING A VIDEO” about a product is helpful in the decision process.

  2. Videos INCREASE OUR UNDERSTANDING of a Product or Services by 74%.

  3. Viewers Retain 95% of a message by WATCHING VIDEOS!

  4. After a Video is Viewed 64% of online viewers are more likely to go ahead and PURCHASE that product!

  5. 36% of online consumers TRUST VIDEO ADS!

  6. Enjoyment of VIDEO ADS increases purchase intent by 97%!

  7. If a viewer likes your video your Brand Preference will jump by 35% and your Brand Association will rise by 139%!

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