5 Tips for Marketing a Small Video Using Video

1. Going Beyong the Brand

Small businesses and companies should provide a video or a series that include their branding. This should be something that the consumer is interested in. By doing this your videos help to back up your claims and make your company more credible.

2. Building Credibility

Being considered credible to the public and consumers is very crucial to success of your small business. This can be sometimes hard to obtain when competing with larger brand names. You can do this by creating videos that demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service. By physically demonstrating this you are able to gain your audience’s respect.

3. Attract Buyers and Generate Leads

It is very important to create a interesting and eye catching video that would cause them to want to share among their networks. The video should be compelling and entertaining instead of simply just explaining the product or service. It should be kept short and to the point in order to keep the attention of the audience, but long enough to fully explain the message.

4. Using Storytelling

Storytelling is a great way to use video marketing for a small business. Evoking emotions and feelings in a consumer will then associate your product or service with those feelings. By evoking a powerful imagery to the consumer it could make them interested and see what the product could do for them. They want to feel they are being shown the benefit of the product or service and picture themselves using the product.

5. Using Humor

Using humor can be the most powerful tool when used correctly. A commercial using only humor with little to any information about the product could be risky, but if done the right way can cause a curiosity in the consumer to make them want to search for more information about the product or service.

Using these 5 tips for video marketing will help ensure your business will generate increased number of sales and loyal customers.


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