3 Ways to Evaluate Your Success on YouTube

Top 3 Ratios to Evaluate the Success of your YouTube Channel and Videos

We want to know if we are using the right ways of achieving our goals and we shall go to any extreme to ensure we achieve the same. The technological professionals will confidently confirm because they are aware of the competition in the market. To be precise, every time anyone uploads a video, it is very critical that you figure out how it shall be performing; hence this article is likely to give you some metric ratios that will help you analyse the performance of any YouTube channel. There are no certain numbers of comments or views that can be said to be enough to give any video viewing success.  For purposes of growth, you should expect as many as possible. Experience YouTube marketers have confirmed the need for creators to be on the lookout for bigger pictures in regard to metrics and more so for purposes of comparing data. If you realize that you are doing great with just 1000 views, then you should be able to determine how you will perform with 100,000 views. Below are some of the considered metric ratios that you can consider to use to measure the performance of a YouTube channel:

  • Likes to views
  • Comments to views
  • Views to subscribers

Likes to Views

Likes to views defines the popularity of your video. The clearest ratio for measuring success is when it comes to “Likes” on your video is likes : views = 4%. Your videos are said not to be doing well if you are not able to meet these kinds of percentages.  If viewers and subscribers find your content informative and entertaining, they will take the time to it. Therefore, if your “like” count remains low, it’s the time you got alarmed and shopped for another approach you can effectively use.

Comments to Views

This describes the level of engagement and the best ratio for measuring success for comments vs. views is comments : views = 0.5%. And what does this mean? A good comment count on a video that has attracted 4000 views would be 20 and if your video has generated 1000 views, a good measure of success would be 5 comments.  These calculations are just simple guides that will show you how subscribers are engaging with your videos. The greatest tip for having YouTube success is to target at least from 1000 video views with not less than 5 comments.

Views to Subscribers

This refers to how well your channel is growing in terms of the subscribers. The higher the number of subscribers, the higher the number of views. For example, if your YouTube channel has 100,000 subscribers, then you should expect between 12-15,000 views per video. That’s an average ratio of views : subscribers = 14%. It is said that this is the ideal percentage that any creator should expect.  Work with the figures as a tip to increase the subscribers. So, if you have 1000 YouTube subscribers, this will mean an average of 140 subscriber views per video.

All said and done it is important to obey the rule of the thumb.

Source: http://www.reelseo.com/3-metrics-youtube-success/

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